SCCM Client Center Integration Pack is now available for Orchestrator 2012

Get it on CodePlex: SCCM Client Center Integration Pack for Orchestrator 2012

SCCM Client Center Integration Pack For Orchestrator


Project Dependencies
This Project does depend on the smsclictr.automation dll from

Trigger Agent Actions HW Inventory

SW Inventory


Collect Files

Machine Policy

User Policy

MSI Source Update

DCM Scan

Metering Scan

OOB Discovery

Certificate Maintenance

Location Refresh

Refresh MP

Timeout Requests

Reset Policy

Reset paused SWDist

Delete orphaned cached packages

Delete all cached packages

Delete cached updates


Get/Set Agent Properties Site Code


Management Point

Server Locator Point

Internet MP

DNS Suffix

Cache Size

Agent Version


Scan for Security Updates

Deploy authorized Security Updates

Detect and list missing authorized security updates

Report pending reboot

Reporting pending file operations for next reboot

Create/Delete SCCM Service Window (local Policy)

Create DDR File to create Computer Object

Check if Advertisement requires Reboot

Check for running Advertisements

Check for running downloads

Create/Calculate Dates that reference to the 2nd Tuesday like first Saturday after 2nd Tuesday.


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