Sonicwall IP Reservation

SonicOS Standard and Enhanced:

  1. Login to the Sonicwall Management interface
  2. Navigate to the Network > DHCP Server page.
  3. Make sure “Enable DHCP Server” is checked.
  4. Click on the Add Static button to bring up the Static DHCP Configuration window.
  5. Check “Enable this DHCP Scope/Entry”.
  6. As prompted, enter a name for this mapping, the computer’s assigned IP address, the corresponding MAC address, etc.
  7. Click OK.

 Firmware 6.X:

  1. Select DHCP > Setup.
  2. Under Static Entries, click Add New Entry.
  3. Check “Enable this DHCP range”.
  4. As prompted, enter the computer’s assigned IP address, the corresponding Ethernet address, gateway IP, subnet mask, DNS info, etc.
  5. Click Update.

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