Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 features

Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 features

· Now new SCCM client can be client can installed Windows 8 PCs

· And SCCM can also deploy Windows 8 and also upgrade previous versions to Windows 8

· SCCM also supports ‘Windows To Go’ feature.

· We can take advantage of Windows 8 features like “metered Internet connections” and “Always On Always Connected” using SCCM.

· Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012 are supported.

· There are clients to manage Apple Macintosh computers, and on Linux and UNIX servers.

· For Mac OS X, we can deploy software, collect hardware inventory, and manage compliance settings.

· For supported Linux / Unix, we can deploy software and collect hardware inventory

· We can now automate SCCM operations using new PowerShell cmdlets.

· Now, a distribution point for SCCM can be set up in the cloud by using Windows Azure infrastructure:

· Now there is multiple software update points for a site which provides automatic redundancy for clients just like we can configure multiple management points.

· Email alert subscriptions are now supported for all features, not just Endpoint Protection.




The Product Group have recently announced the Beta of ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 at TechNet 2012 North America.

You can view the announcement at

Kent blogged about new enhancements over

Enhancements include:

  • Platform Support:
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 8 tablet (Intel SoC) support
    • Mac OS X
    • Linux and Unix
  • Operating System Deployment: Windows To Go support
  • Application Delivery:
    • Win 8 apps
    • Deep link applications
    • Network Cost Support
  • PowerShell Provider
  • PowerShell Cmdlets:
    • Tasks exposed in the Administration Console
    • Suitable experience for administrator (not the SDK)
    • Align with PowerShell general contentions
  • Bitlocker changes:
    • TMP and PIN
    • Used Space Bitlocker
  • Prestaged media now supports additional content
    • WIM, Applications, Drivers, Package/Programs
  • Flexible hierarchy management:
    • Ability to add a new Central Administration Site
    • Migration between ConfigMgr 2012 hierarchies
  • Hierarchy easier to control:
    • Schedule replication for a given link
    • SQL Server distributed views
    • Compression for SQL Server data
  • Software Updates Management:
    • Fallback to Windows Update for content
    • Definition updates 3x/day
  • Endpoint Protection
    • Real-time administrative actions
  • Settings Management: User Profile and Data Management
    • Client Side Caching
    • Roaming User Profiles
    • Folder Redirection

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